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January 26, 2014

Hey!  If you’re reading this… you’re at the wrong place!  🙂

You can see my blog at http://www.kayladanelle.com and keep up with me there!  Thanks for following!




August 17, 2013

Welcome to my new site!  (Freeaakin’ finally! Oh my word, you don’t want to know what I went through yesterday.)
My brain hurts.  And maybe my emotions a little bit too.
There will be some more minor tweaks and things, now that the site is live.  It’s been a learning curve to go from a Blogger platform to a WordPress platform, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.  Excuse me as I’m still learning and cleaning up the dust from moving (broken links, etc.).  🙂
I think I’m really going to like using WP and the added freedom it will give me.  A big thanks to my brother and sister in law (they own and operate a webdesign company, Run Riot Creative) for their help with getting me situated with WP.
Sorry if my FB page over-spammed you with old posts yesterday.  When I did the transfer, it was like it was a brand new blog and wanted to post all 473 of my blog posts at once to my FB page… So much so that FB actually put me in time out for a while.  That was fun.
Anyway, I hope you like the new layout.  I will be spending time cleaning up the tabs/pages up top, but for now they mostly just link to categories of those topics on my blog.  I know, I know.  You’re probably like, “really?  It took you 3 months to do this minimal site?”  Yeah.  It did.  Mommy of two does web design slowly.  😉  Especially when the youngest doesn’t nap.  Yesterday he took a 3 minute nap and then a 5 minute nap.  I kid you not.  This is my life, people.
Ok, I’m out!  Peak around a bit and I’ll be back Monday.  For now, I GOTTA GET OFF MY COMPUTER!  I think I have a perma-butt print on my couch from sitting here all day yesterday trying to get the site switched.
Happy weekend to ya’ll.

Who I Am as a Blogger

August 14, 2013

I hate the word “blogger”.  I really do.  It sounds far too close to “booger” and it also labels me as something.  I generally hate being fit into a box.

But if you want to get all technical, I guess that’s what I am – a blogger.

I have never shared with all of you – “my blog readers” (see what I did there?  I’m giving you all a label too. HA.), why I blog, who I blog for and what I want from my blog.  Y’all know I like transparency and being open.  So here goes:

I’ve never aspired to be a big famous blogger.  There’s already about a million other people out there that take Blogger as a professional label and not something I was really interested.  My blogging journey began back in 2010.  I had JUST had a gall bladder surgery and was bed-ridden for a week.  I was kidless and Skyler was in school and worked.  I had an awful lot of free time, laying on the couch, doing a lot of nothing.  I think I did a google search for a craft idea that I had been tossing around in my head and somehow came upon this foreign thing: a blog.  I was in shock that someone would have a PERSONAL website, dedicated to displaying their crafts.

What the?!?!  Why?  Why would someone post their crafts on just some random website they created?  (I had never even heard of a blog before at that point.)  After reading about 10 blog posts, I realized, wow, I don’t know these people but all the sudden, I like them.  I care about them.  I want to see more of their crafts.  And write some more too, lady, because you’re kind of funny and I enjoy reading your words.

I think I literally read through the entire blog within a couple days (and it was a lengthy one!) and then once there were no more blog posts to read, I shed a few tears, and then decided to start my own blog.

Surely, if I have so thoroughly enjoyed seeing this lady’s projects as much as I have, SOMEONE might be interested in seeing MY craft projects.  If no one else, at least maybe my mother and possibly my sister would look at my blog.  It might be worth it and fun to try a blog out.  (Remember, I was also kidless at this time, was made into a wife only 6 months prior and had a whole new apartment to decorate.  I found myself doing crafts and little projects constantly.)  Also, I thought, I hardly ever actually scrapbook anymore, this might be a more practical way to share and keep record of life events for us, the newlyweds.

And so:  I started a blog.  Not knowing what to call my blog (because heck, I STILL didn’t really know what a blog was), I settled on my name, Kayla Danelle.  Nothing fancy, but it is what it is and it is who I am, and this blog was going to be about me and my life, after all.  🙂  Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t try to come up with something witty (HA HA, I can’t come up with wit for the life of me.) and end up with something like “www.Put-down-your-book-and-do-projects-with-me-because-I’m-crafty.blogspot.com.”  Because that’s probably where I was headed.  (Thanks Jesus, for that little bit of intervention!)

All along, through 3+ years of blogging (WHAT?!  When did that much of married life go by anyway?!), I’ve stayed pretty true to blogging for me.  (And my mom and mother in law.  Hi Mom’s!  And letsbehonest, my dad too.  HI Dad, you know you read this!  And letsbehonestagain, NOT for Skyler, because you know that boy stopped reading my blogs the first year.  #bloggersworstfan.  He always tells me that if I die before him, then he’ll take the time to sit and read through my blog.  If that’s not love…. ).  Now into my 4th year of blogging, you’ll still find some crafts and projects (admittedly, not as many as before.  HEY, YOU try crafting with a 2.5 year old and a non-napping 7 month old!  It’s HARD! :)), our life adventures, photos that I want to remember but wouldn’t otherwise because I don’t scrapbook any more, recipes and anything that I might want to remember in the coming years. 

I have never aimed to be a big-time blogger (and honestly don’t think I’d ever want that title.  Too much responsibility that comes with that.  No thanks, I like to blog for fun.) nor have I ever aimed to make money off my blog.  I never even knew you COULD make money from blogging.  I’ve never done (and don’t ever want to do) side bar ads, or google monetary ads or anything else that really complicates the look of my blog.  (You know I like clean and simple!)  That said, I have recently joined a company called Clever Girls Collective, which is a social media agency that “hires” bloggers to post about products, experiences, etc.  From time to time (maybe a handful of times a year), you might see one of those posts on this blog.  Like the Gevalia post.  I don’t want to post about anything and everything and bore my readers and bog my blog down with ads for companies, so I carefully select only a few opportunities to apply for – products that I’m actually interested in or already love (and it doesn’t hurt that they do pay very well for just a blog post).  So, just wanted to be open with you all about why you might be seeing some of those posts around here, every now and again.  I started this blog with it in mind to never be a sell out.  I promise that when I do post about different products, etc., I will still always be honest about it.

And as for you guys go:  thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being here with me.  I literally never thought anyone other than my family members and maybe a few friends would read this lil’ ol blog of mine.  I’m always blown away at the relationships that I have made and continue to make with my readers.  Thanks for every.single.one. of your comments that you’ve left me.  I cherish them.  (Well you know, except for those couple of mean anonymous comments.  Anonymous comments can rot in hell.)  But the rest of you, your comments are cherished.  🙂  And if I never reply back to you, or only sometimes, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  Any of my friends can attest that I am THE WORST and replying to emails, FB messages, FB comments, TEXT MESSAGES….  Oh boy.  Even with texts, most of them don’t expect a reply within a couple days at least, if I reply at all.  (I don’t know what it is with me.  I attribute that to my worst mommy brain symptom that JUST WON’T GO AWAY!  Like I literally read something that someone wrote, and CHECK IT OFF IN MY MIND THAT I REPLIED.  Who does that?!)  Just know, it’s not you, it’s me.  I don’t reply because I think that I already did.  (Problems, I’ve got problems, man.)

So, family, friends, strangers and creeps: thanks for hanging out on my blog with me.  I love you.  (Maybe not the creeps so much.  Why ARE you here?!)  🙂

P.S.  I swear I have my new blog almost ready (you know, the one I said was ready over a month ago).  I am just waiting on a couple things… I cannot wait to make the switch though and start blogging on my new platform.  

P.P.S.  Just so you (maybe) believe me, here’s a sneak peak at a new picture of me that Katie Shroy Photography took of me, specifically for my blog:

I hate pictures of myself.  I always feel like a goober.
But here it is anyway, so that you believe me. 😉



August 13, 2013

This is the little man who all the sudden is sitting up, army crawling AND eating food all within a couple weeks. 

This is Zeek’s newest toy, which he can’t even ride one because his legs are too short to reach the pedals (even with the seat all the way forward) and because it’s so realistic, it’s beastly and he’s not strong enough to move the heavy thing with using his feet just on the ground either.  Basically, it’s a useless toy right now, but I’m pretty sure telling him, “don’t worry, you’ll grow into it” is really making it more enjoyable to him.  Every kid loves waiting.  🙂  Parenting fail.

This is the first official nursing scrubs my man gets to wear in his career.  I had to catch him on the go… which is just fine, because I definitely like this side of him too.  😉  (And work, although still in the training period, is going great for him – thank you to everyone who has asked and sent congrats!)

This is the first flower bouquet that Skyler bought for me with said nursing job.  I thanked him and told him I like weekly fresh flowers.  To which he replied, “wouldn’t you want to just go pick out your own?” … smart man, putting it back on me.  😉
This is my new obsession.  Honey as my coffee sweetener.  I always thought Starbucks was weird for having honey out; now they’re rock stars in my book.  Honey.  Honey is always good. 

This is my latest garage sale find.  Skyler recently threw out the old regular aloe vera junky stuff and purchased some expensive “all natural” aloe vera for like $12/bottle.  I answered back with a $.75 ever growing aloe vera plant.  Boom.

This was finally brought back into our house after being in our garage for about 10 months.  It’s bittersweet to see it back in here.  (I enjoyed the space that it freed up by being in the garage…)  Zeek still claims it as his chair though and has had to have a lesson in growing older and growing out of things.  The second picture is Asher sitting in the high chair and chasing ice in a bowl.  He loves it.  This fun little activity buys me time with making dinner.  🙂

This is the new free space I have in my house to work with.  Right now it’s only visions, but soon there will be a play room in that lovely space.  🙂  (You can see some of the fun ideas I found for a play room here on my Playroom Pinterest board.)

And This.  This is what has been getting me through sleep training (I use that word loosely) Asher.  That little bugger is certainly not as easy as big bro was in that department.  I need another gallon of this stuff…  🙂

Happy Tuesday to you all.

The Last Two Weeks of Summer

August 6, 2013

This morning, I woke up, made breakfast for my husband and kissed him goodbye.  The boys both woke up a couple hours earlier than normal but are both playing contently on the floor together.  I’m sipping my coffee and… smiling at the thought of finally beginning our time of routines and being home more often.  🙂

The last two weeks were the last bit of summer hoorah.  Skyler had his first “official” nurse job at Camp Tadmor, a Christian based camp for middle and high schoolers.  We had our own little cabin in the woods and the boys and I mostly floated about camp – lots of hiking around, playing lakeside, lots of eating, and lots of watching the “big kids” play (and watching daddy tend to their injuries).

We made new relationships, enjoyed the fresh outdoors and enjoyed some laid back time together.

This was our little nurses cabin:

We hung out at the slip n’ side:

And tried (unsucessfully) to get Zeek to go on with me after all the big kids left:

We searched and “fished” for newts in the lake:

We went to a “carnival” where Zeek did mini golf and a football toss for tickets, and then turned those tickets in for popcorn and frozen chocolate covered banana’s:

We hung out lakeside and splashed in the water with the camp coordinator’s wife and two girls (who are the same ages as my boys):

I kept trying to get Zeek to look at me and smile.  “Zeek… Zeek.  Zeek, look at mama.  Zeeeeek.”
Nothing.  No response or acknowledgement.

And then this.
“Zeek, what are you holding?”
*See my glowstick!?*  Shows me proudly and smiles.
Hey, whatever you gotta do to get them to look and smile at you!! 😉 

See Zeek down there at the shoreline, just watchin’ the big kids? 🙂

We took many walks around camp and enjoyed exploring the beautiful nature:

Zeek picked this flower for me.  🙂
And, we can’t forget about this little monkey.  
Who literally lived like this for two weeks:

We had such a great time at Camp Tadmor.  We were supposed to be there for 4 weeks, including this week and next.  But something else came up.
Skyler got a job.
Today is his second day as Skyler Anderson RN at Salem Hospital IMCU floor.  🙂
Couldn’t be more proud of my man.
And SO thankful summer is “over” for us and routine gets to start setting in. 
Bring on regular nap times!

A Year of Dates June

August 2, 2013

Another date in the books.  🙂  We’re still lagging behind in our date book (just having June’s date a couple weeks ago, mid-July, and yet to do July’s date), but we’re hoping to squeeze two dates in this month to “catch up”.

This one wasn’t really our fault for not being able to do in June though;  it had to be a Saturday and the four Saturday’s in June were filled with a parade, my sister’s wedding, a paintball tournament, and a garage sale.

Anyway – as I’ve said before, I planned a mixture of dates in our book: some in town, some out of town, some rare activities, and some laid back dates including the kids.  June’s date was the latter.

I loved this little saying because it was oh so true for this date.  MANY times, we have visited French Press (our favorite place to eat breakfast) and many times we have visited the Saturday Market.  But not all dates need to be fancy, new adventures, “romantic” or extreme.  Simple, familiar acts are just as beautiful.  🙂

The best crepes ever (which Skyler ruins with disgusting stuff):

My favorite part is the first bite – the folded over, warm, soft crepe bite.  Which you can see below that I couldn’t even wait to take a picture before I took that special bite:

Then, for the second part of our date, we parked downtown, got some Starbuck’s and walked to the Saturday Market to browse through all the vendors.

Skyler’s old boss was working his rock collection tent (which you can see how cool it is, in the first post I wrote about the Saturday Market, looong ago!) and we visited with him for a while and he offered Zeek to pick out a rock to keep.  Of all the SUPER cool rocks that he had (Tiger’s eye, some really brilliant greens/teals/purples, ones with crystals, etc), Zeek picked out a pretty boring blue and white splotchy one…but he loves it, so that’s what matters! 

What a lucky mama I am to have such a cool kid:

We enjoyed looking at all the pretty flowers, produce and craftsmanship:

One of the flower booth ladies gave Zeek a pretty dahlia to give his mama.  So sweet.  🙂

We had a great family date walking around and enjoying the sunshine.  It’s been fun to include the kids on a couple of these dates too.  Especially during school time, Skyler hasn’t always had the most time to spend with us as a family on fun dates so it was especially enjoyable for the family time we had.  🙂

Looking forward to a more exclusive August date though!  (Oh yeah, and July’s date hopefully in the next couple weeks! ;))

Just was realizing that since it’s already August, I’m going to need to start brainstorming some more date ideas because I am DEFINITELY doing this for Christmas again this year for Skyler!  It has by far been the best gift, which we have both thoroughly enjoyed.  🙂

See our past month’s dates:

I just can’t wait

July 31, 2013

I’m about to say something that I never thought I’d say…


I just wish summer were over already.

*ducks head in anticipation of flying glassware chucked in my general direction*

Really.  I’m ready.
Things have felt so un-routine and unscheduled since Asher’s birth.  That’s SEVEN months ago.  For an uber-oganizational-freak, it’s been a really rough seven months.  I thrive on knowing my schedule and following a routine.  Yes, I like to break it up here and there with fun unanticipated activities and love the last-minute adventures that I get with being Skyler’s wife, but under it all, organization and schedules are what make me relax.

I’m looking forward to the summer crazies being over and being able to break back into a routine with my family.  Knowing when my mom Bible studies and play dates are.  Skyler having a regular(ish) routine that the boys’ and I can base our routine off of.  Having regular nap-times and bed-times for the boys.  The neighborhood posse going back to school and knowing they won’t be running rampant through my yard until at least 3 pm.

Those simple things that keep it structured in my world.

I’m ready.

Hurry up, September.



I promise, we HAVE been enjoying our summer of camping – especially our sunny days filled with sitting lakeside for the last two weeks!

Nursing School Graduation Party

July 23, 2013

I can’t believe it’s already been exactly a month since Skyler’s nursing school graduation party and I have YET to show you the pictures!  Remember how we kept having monsoons?  Like this:

Well, this was the same week as the party.  The day before was sunny and 80.  The day of looked like the above photo.  A little problem for a backyard BBQ.  It literally monsooned at 3 pm and the party was set for 4.  By 3:45 it was dry(ish) and looking more promising, so we went ahead and threw all the tables and decor up outside in a rush.  Thankfully, it turned out ok for the most part and didn’t monsoon until about 2hours into the party, when everyone crowded inside the house.  It all worked out in the end.  🙂

I had SO much fun finding little details that I could add to the party to make it just a little more memorable.  Of course, Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration.  You can see my nursing grad party Pinterest board, or these two blogs that I got ideas from: VixenMade and Today’s Letters.

Thankfully, my Silhouette machine came in handy and was super useful for creating cute details.  (I always ask Skyler to imagine if Silhouette was around when we got married…all the projects I could’ve dreamed up with it… he always answers back with a groan and eye roll, and I’m sure a silent thanks to God for our wedding being before Silhouette.)

I bought this awesome set of “Nurses Tools” shapes from the Silhouette Online Store.  I used the pill bottle shape and brown kraft paper to cut out some bottle shapes for the invites.  Then in Photoshop, I designed a label to mimic a prescription coming from ‘Anderson’s Pharmacy’, but it had all the party details (except I blurred my personal details out… Don’t worry, Nate and Brittany is a made up couple with a made up address. ;)).

I loved these because it was quick and simple to make (just glued the labels on the bottles and shoved them (lovingly) into an envelope, but a cute and fun detail.  🙂

Dessert Table:

Ok, I am the worst at (even simple) cake decorating.  Though I really don’t have to tell you, you can just see for yourself:

Thank you gifts for the guests:

The boxes are from the Dollar Tree and I just used mu Silhouette to cut the red crosses and attached them with foam stickies so that they floated off the box a bit.  They reminded me of nurses bags.  🙂  I put small medication baggies (also from Dollar Tree) filled with Mike N Ike’s in the “nurse bags”.

Found the sign here and printed & framed it: 

Using the nurses tools Silhouette package, I made a long garland to hang on the back fence (this was probably my favorite part):

The drink station:

The food:
BBQ Pulled Chicken, Creamed Corn, Baked Beans
Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Fruit Salad, Bean Dip, Pasta Salad = BBQ!!! Yum 🙂
And, all of our awesome friends who joined us and celebrated with us, despite the crazy rainstorm 2 hours into the BBQ! 

Skyler’s brother Logan, cooking the shish-ka-bobs!

Zeek loved drinking out of the fun straw!

Skyler’s daddy cookin’ up some kielbasa’s!

Two buddies wearing their babes (born a week apart!).

Finally sitting and enjoying visiting with my friend Tara!

HUGE thank you to everyone who came to Skyler’s party to help us celebrate his big accomplishment in finishing the nursing program!  (And a shout-out to my buddy Gina for being photographer and snapping all these great photos for me!)
Despite the rains, we had a great time and I’m so glad Skyler got to really see how many people love and support him and celebrate with him in his accomplishments.  Was truly awesome to see.  🙂

Asher’s ABC Baby Book

July 22, 2013

Ok, *sigh*.  I’m done.  That’s two baby ABC books complete now.  (Is it time for another baby yet?!  sniff sniff).

This is the post I most look forward to with these photo series’: the final post where you can see the weekly changes.  So crazy cool.  🙂

Here goes:

Happy 26 weeks to you, Ash buggy!  (And go ahead and celebrate now that mommy won’t be “dressing you up” for weekly photos anymore! haha)

Now the fun part of creating a Shutterfly book with these photos!


P.S. You can see big bro’s ABC book here.

Enjoying the Little Things

July 20, 2013

I’ve been feeling challenged lately with enjoying all of the little things.  With seeking out and enjoying the things that we can do for free (since we’re on a very very limited budget).  Things that we can do as a family.  Things that show the boys about life and experiences we can have with them.

So we’ve done a bunch of little things.  Simple but joyful things.  Just slowing down and finding the sweet things in life.  (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these already.)

Many picnic lunches and dinners in parks with fun play structures and splash pads.

Bike rides to the nearby park and picking a few big tubs full of the sweetest blackberries.

Stopping at the farmhouse on the way back from the park for a carton of fresh chicken eggs and seeing the beautiful shades of greens and blues and the brown ones with dark speckles.

Enjoying delicious blackberry smoothies and eggs and sausage breakfast on the sunny back patio the following morning.

Zeek and Skyler spent a few hours at a local organic u-pick blueberry farm yesterday and picked 7 lbs of blueberries for us to enjoy.

I made a meal and delivered it to some dear friends who welcomed a sweet daughter into their lives on Monday.  I sat there last night, holding her delicate little body, barely remembering Asher being that little, let alone Zeek, and I was reminded again how sweet it is to slow down and enjoy the little things in our crazy lives.

Things like berry picking, sitting and talking and laughing in the warm sun, splashing in the water.  And holding those little babies that are so precious to us.

Enjoy your weekend, too. 🙂