"The Office" Farewell Party

Even though this was blogged about in our “May Date” post, I thought I’d do a separate post to share about the details of the party.

I had so much fun planning this!  Of course, I had been keeping it in mind and slowly collecting things for it since I first made the date book back in November/December last year.  I had a Pinterest board for The Office to save ideas to.  Unfortunately, there haven’t been many “The Office” parties, so ideas were hard to come by, especially for food to serve.

For the party invite, we had to channel our inner Dwight.  This is what we came up with:

It was mailed out, complete with a regular, business sized envelope with a Dunder Mifflin logo in the “from address” corner.  (Our Dunder Mifflin letterhead was found here.)

I decorated with random signs that appeared in various episodes, logos and just some other fun Office details (mostly found online).

Had to set the tone for the Office Meeting as they walked in.  🙂
Dundies were set up so that everyone could award others throughout the night.

Dunder Mifflin Employee name tags, World’s Best Boss mug and mouse pad from this awesome “The Office” kit that was only $6!! (Totally worth it; there were so many goodies in the kit!)

In the kitchen / “break room”:

 You can’t really see it in this picture, but I had this poster inside a frame, covering up a family photo:
(From here)
Just added some fun details to make it look like Angela’s notes/calendar:

The calendar had “office meeting”, “take Whiskers to vet”, “Party Planning Committee” and “Expense Report Due” on it.

On our microwave:
The infamous microwave note that Pam leaves in the break room one day… I was secretly hoping someone would write the handwritten note on it from that episode…but no one took bait. 😉
 We had this Dwight Schrute poster plastered around the house randomly.  

Creepy baby poster is from The Office kit too!

Pam’s watercolor of the Office (also from the kit) and her computer artwork of Dwight.

“Big Tuna” Sandwiches
George Foreman Bacon Broccoli Salad

Stapler-Free Jello

Popcorn for Movie Monday
Pam’s Mixed Berry Yogurt & Granola

Dunder Muffins
“Thanks for ruining the party with brownies, Pam!” (a Halloween party episode)

Free Pretzels
Kevin’s M&M’s

A couple water coolers. 🙂

 “Mexican Lemonade” & Coffee
And yes, we had to do this:

It wouldn’t be an Office party without it!

Like I said in our May Date post, I was originally going to be Pam.  But then I cut my hair and didn’t feel like I looked enough like her.  So I just dressed in office attire… but a couple friends walked in and said my outfit looked like Angela, so that’s what I went with! 🙂
So here we are: Jim, Angela and Hannah’s baby boy-whose-favorite-color-is-pink!  
(From “The Merger”)

Intently watching the screen to see if the DVD box will hit the corner…

Having some coffee and enjoying the office meeting! 😉

Playing The Office Trivia Board/DVD Game.
(LONGEST GAME EVER.  It took us 2 hours.  And we even cheated a bit.  But fun.)

Brian & Britney submitting some Dundie Awards!
After the game, we handed out the Dundie Awards and called it a night.  🙂
 Here are some of the Dundies that we received:

And, my favorite outfits of the night:

Pregnant Jan Levinson & Michael Scott
(Lacey & Justin)

Office Lady & Darryl (complete with sneakers!)
(Tara & Grae, and son Kai!)
We handed out some “Nifty Gifties” as our friends left the meeting.  🙂

Probably one of my most enjoyable parties that I’ve put together yet, because really?  The Office?
Can’t get much better than that!

We’ll really miss the show and are thankful for our friends who came to our Farewell Party to send it off in style!

I’m pretty sure “themed parties” might start being a regular thing around here….  😉
What themed parties have you hosted or been to that you really loved?


4 Responses to “"The Office" Farewell Party”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Kayla, this was fantastic!! I love it all!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Kayla, this was fantastic!! I love it all!

  3. Britney Says:

    Such a fun party! Loved being a part of it… even if I looked nasty. 🙂

  4. Britney Says:

    Such a fun party! Loved being a part of it… even if I looked nasty. 🙂

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